New Healthcare-NOW! Website

After about two months of work, I finally finished the new Healthcare-NOW! website. It’s a vast improvement over the old site, which had me incredibly frustrated and scared off potential single-payer healthcare supporters.

Once again, I used WordPress to develop the site and redesigned, with my friend Brian, a theme by Brian Gardner. WordPress has been a joy to work with, and I plan on using it for future projects.

Let me know what you think of the new site.

City Prosper is Over

After about a year of work, I have decided to stop developing City Propser.  My partner on the project recently quit, and I cannot continue to work on the site alone since it’s too much for one person to maintain and we found little funding.

Although it ultimately failed, I still believe that City Prosper is a good idea.  We wanted to be Philadelphia’s news source for its non-profit sector.  We were aggregating interesting news stories from major newspapers and websites, and planned on writing original news articles to supplement what was missing.  I’m proud of the site’s design and that I built it with relatively little coding experience.  At least I was able to hone my web development skills–so not all is lost.

Right now, my plan is to continue searching for writing and non-profit sector jobs.  I’m still working for Healthcare-NOW, but it’s very part-time.

Review: The Camden 28

A film by Anthony Giacchino
First Run Features

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw the “war as an enemy of the poor” when asked why he opposed the Vietnam War. Today, President Bush’s latest budget proposal makes that abundantly clear. Social spending would be cut by $2.4 billion while Pentagon spending would rise by $35 billion—not including Iraq war funding.

Sadly, the connection between war and domestic spending has been nearly lost. Luckily, we can learn from those who risked their freedom to show us that poverty here is directly related to war overseas. Continue reading “Review: The Camden 28”