I Dream’d in a dream I saw a city invincible to the attacks of the whole of the rest of the earth.
-Walt Whitman

My name is Jeff Muckensturm. I am the Audience Engagement Manager for Next City. My writing focuses on urban issues from a left perspective. The views here are my own.

Occasionally (okay, very rarely) my articles appear in magazines and elsewhere on the web. I have been published in Wired.com, Dollars and Sense, and Z Magazine.

I sometimes look for freelance writing and web development work. Contact me at CityInvincible@gmail.com.

My Services and Skills:
Writing – Specializing in grant writing, news articles, commentary and feature articles.

Web Development – Specializing in WordPress, HTML and CSS.

Map Making – Specializing in the GIS programs MapInfo and ArcGIS.

I am most interested in writing about urban development, labor, homelessness, poverty, welfare, planning, the environment, the economy, global development, technology, open-source software, crowdsourcing, housing, healthcare, democracy and transportation.

See my resume for more information about my previous work.