HUD Claims Reduction in US Homeless

Many homeless advocates dispute HUD’s recent announcement that the number of homeless people in the US decreased by 12 percent between 2005 and 2007.

It seems that “the declines occurred because HUD changed guidelines in late 2006 for counting the homeless, requiring an interview with each person counted. In 2005, counters could use their judgment to determine if a person was homeless.”

It’s easy for the the government to reduce the amount of homeless people by changing the definition to include less people. Some cities include people who are living with relatives, because they don’t have a permanent home. The Federal government, however, decided not to include them anymore. Problem solved.

Claiming that there’s less homeless people is dangerous because Bush will now claim that cities don’t need as much help or funding. HUD, and the right, shouldn’t be so quick to tout easily disputed “accomplishments.”

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