On the Future City Invincible

City Invincible has been lacking in content lately.  Not because I lost interest, but because I’ve been so busy.  I recently took a month-long trip to India, got a new job, and adopted a greyhound.

But I want to get things going again.  My plan is to continue to monitor news about poverty, development, work, and housing.  The “Selected News” section on the right has articles, found from all over the web, I suggest for reading and is updated almost daily.  You can subscribe to it as an RSS feed in addition to this site’s RSS feed.

The main posts of this site will be more sporadic.   During the week, I’ll write a few posts on really interesting news stories (maybe one or two).  On weekends I’ll write longer commentary pieces about the week’s news.

Also, I started an actively growing NewsVine group called Urban Vine.  There, we share stories about urban issues.  Users vote on articles they like and the most voted-on articles make it to the front page.  The goal is to get urban issues into the forefront.  Please consider joining our group.

So don’t give up on me yet.  There will be plenty more to come.