Nonprofits use Google Earth to illustrate causes

Appalachian Voices is using 3D maps in Google Earth to show destroyed Appalachian Mountains | From CNet

Google Earth is making it easier for nonprofit groups to make maps that illustrate their causes. While normal GIS (Geographic Information Systems) programs are both expensive and difficult to use, Google Earth is free and easy.

According to CNet, “The popularity of mapping tools from Google and rival Microsoft has spurred nonprofits and other organizations to develop “layers” for the service that visually guide people to a cause. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency earlier this year said it plans to use Google Earth to map out toxic wastelands.”

gCensus takes layers most nonprofits are using a step further by allowing users to incorporate Census data. This allows users to create maps, of normally dull data, into a medium everyone can understand.

The Google Earth and gCensus combination creates an incredibly powerful, and easy to use, resource for nonprofits.

Source: Do-gooders doing Google Earth