Zero Emissions Office Building

Spiegel reports, “A German architect is pursuing an ambitious project in the Middle East. He wants to build office towers in Riyadh, Dubai and Bahrain that produce all their own energy.”

The 68-story building cylindrical shape includes a “protective solar shield” that protects the inside from the sun’s glaring rays that can heat some buildings up to 140 degrees. The building will also use seawater to cool the air for its efficient air conditioning system that also uses “suspend hanging gardens inside the air ducts.”

Furthermore, the building will have an “island of solar panels” drifting in the nearby sea to create energy. Any surplus energy created by the 182,986 square foot solar island will be used to extract hydrogen from the seawater to power the building at night.

Lighting will be all-natural too. “In the daytime highly reflective mirrors on the roof direct the sunlight onto a cone of light that goes through the center of the building and provides its various floors with plenty of natural light.”

Source: New Tower Creates All Its Own Energy