Robotic parking garage and Microsoft $3 software

Two things from Engadget today. First, is the robotic parking garage (Pictured above). While there have been problems in the past with automated parking garages, including 300 cars being trapped for over 24 hours in Hoboken, NJ, this system looks safe and efficient. Check out the Popular Mechanics video on the Engadget post.

Microsoft will start selling its software, including Windows and Office, in developing nations for $3. But what seems like a philanthropic effort is questioned by Engadget which claims it “is in reality a shrewd business move to both compete with pirates and get kids hooked on Windows.” Microsoft’s Orlando Ayala supported Engadget’s argument by telling Reuters, “This is not a philanthropic effort: this is a business.”

Instead of Microsoft, let’s support OLPC XO which uses open-source software.