Displeased by 2010 Census questions

The Census is arguably the most important data source for activists, sociologists, urban planners, nonprofits, and the like. It provides information used for apportioning seats in Congress, redrawing political districts, and–very importantly–allocating federal funds. So there’s bound to be a reaction when the government tampers with the Census questionnaire.

According to a USA Today article titled “Some displeased by fewer questions on 2010 Census form,” “Advocacy groups already are jockeying to have issues they care about included in the questionnaire that will be sent to every American household.”

The government is switching to a “short form,” so some questions will be eliminated sparking outrage by ethnic advocacy and child welfare groups. For example, “It dropped the foster care category in favor of asking whether anyone in the household sometimes lives elsewhere—children away at college.” Meaning the financial status of nearly 500,000 foster children will be unclear.